Grain / Salt / Fertilizer Storage

Grain storage

Save on huge cost from large grain stores/towers, with a grain bagger costing from only £13,000. AgBag is a low cost storage solution.

  • Flexible method for grain storage (dry or wet)
  • Low investment costs
  • Short payback period compared to conventional grain storage
  • High performance (up to 350 t/h with dried grain)

Grain bagging

Grain bag unloader

Grain bag unloader Grain bag unloader

The Bag Unloader is a PTO driven machine using orgas to load the grain into a trailer 

No waste

Rolls up the entire bag 

Unloading up to 280 t/h

Salt / Fertilizer storage

Buy your road salt 'out of season' and store it using the AgBag system

Buy your fertilizer in bulk, considerably cheaper, and store in the AgBags

Using the same auger bagger as for grain, this is a low cost storage solution for both Salt and Fertilizer 

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Contracting Services

Competitive rates with a scalable service from £5.00 to £7.00 per tonne. Working closely with many other contractors across the UK to provide you an excellent service.

 100 tonne


 100,000 tonne