AD Feedstock Storage

AgBags have the capacity for the largest Anaerobic Digestion plants

The AgBag System eliminates the problems of traditional storage. AgBag has the flexibility to store your feedstock almost anywhere. Save on having numerous trailers hauling feeds to the AD plant at harvest time, keeping the harvester waiting, upsetting local residents etc. Move from field to field, farm to farm with the AgBag system keeping the forager going constantly with less trailers and benefit from having higher quality feed and more gas as a result! 

High capacity machines

600HP engine, high speed, high density AgBags

AgBag have the largest and highest throughput machines on the market. With our 4.3m (14ft) bagger we can bag up to 13 tonne per minute at 8.5 tonne/m

Maize bagging 12 diameter bag

Huge Efficiency Savings

 AgBag dry matter losses2%


 Clamp dry matter losses20%

Make the most of your feedstock by storing in AgBags. Get up to 30% more gas when stored in AgBags!!

How the system works...

AD Plant AD Plant

Grass Bagging 12ft diameter bag Grass Bagging 12ft diameter bag

The airtight environment prevents growth of aerobic bacteria, moulds and insects. It eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals and fumigants and also enhances the benefits of cool fermentation with optimal levels of lactic acid, without damaging heat build-up. This all maximises the gas yields from the feed stock stored in AgBags

The AgBag system puts unlimited, low-cost storage capacity exactly where you need it. Bags can be placed for convenient access allowing feed to be removed with a front-end loader or swing shovel. AgBags store a wide variety of feeds, grains, crop residues and by-products. Feed rations can be blended and balanced. The low investment cost can significantly raise profit margins.


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AgBag - Feed Storage Testimonials

I've been using AgBags the past 5 years and couldn't be happier with the quality and service provided

Simon Renalds Farmer - Monmouth UK

With the smaller face of the AgBag we find the feed quality is better than silage pits

Michael Clear Farmer - Surrey UK

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Contracting Services

Competitive rates with a scalable service from £5.00 to £7.00 per tonne. Working closely with many other contractors across the UK to provide you an excellent service.

 100 tonne


 100,000 tonne