Feed Storage

The AgBag is a low cost storage solution for every size farm

Maize Maize

Wheat Wheat

AgBag provides a way to reduce costly shrinkage and to give your cows the kind of nutritious and palatable silage they prefer. The AgBag system is proven to be the ideal environment for preserving high quality, highly digestible feed that raises production and herd health levels.

All agricultural feeds can be stored, most commonly

  • Grass silage
  • Maize silage
  • Whole crop silage (wheat, Barley etc)                                            
  • Breweries grain and distiller’s grain
  • Wet and dry grain
  • Pressed sugar beet pulp
  • Whole beet


How the system works...

Maize 10ft diameter bag Maize 10ft diameter bag

Cows Feeding Cows Feeding

The airtight environment prevents growth of aerobic bacteria, moulds and insects. It eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals and fumigants and also enhances the benefits of cool fermentation with optimal levels of lactic acid, without damaging heat build-up. The result is an easily digestible and highly nutritious feed that livestock prefer, providing higher production without expensive feed supplements.


The AgBag system puts unlimited, low-cost storage capacity exactly where you need it. Bags can be placed for convenient access allowing feed to be removed with a front-end loader or be self-fed. AgBags store a wide variety of feeds, grains, crop residues and by-products. Feed rations can be blended and balanced. The low investment cost can significantly raise profit margins.


Either use our contracting service or if you have your own trailed forager and want to bag yourself, we can supply suitable inexpensive PTO driven machines both second hand and new.


Silage bales

Grass Bagging 12ft diameter bag

Compared to bale silage

 AgBag dry matter losses2%


 baled dry matter loses8%

With a 750mm roll of film costing about £52 and only covering 20 bales, if applying 6 layers, the total cost to produce a silage bale will be about £8.42/bale. This cost coupled with average dry matter losses of 8%** in silage bales compared with just 2% in Ag-Bag's means that for those producing a large number of bales, baled silage is a more expensive means of conserving forage. **source: Dow.com

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Contracting Services

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