Contracting Services

We are proud to provide a national, efficient, flexible service.
We run the only 4.3m (14ft) AgBagger in Europe

What service do we provide?

12ft bagger loaded 12ft bagger loaded

We will transport the Ag-bagger to your farm. The HGV which transports each machine carries diesel and enough bags on board for up to 15,000 tonnes.

Our price includes everything from our labour, diesel, transportation and plastic.

We will work in conjunction with any field contractor, who will harvest your crop and simply tip their trailer loads directly into our machines which move forwards slowly, leaving the bag behind (we can empty a 20 tonne trailer in under 2 mins).

We have five lorries, two 3m (10ft) baggers, two 3.5m (12ft) baggers and one 4.3m (14ft) bagger for our contracting service.


Pricing / Space required

Diameter of Bag


Tonnage per meter


Price per meter

Price can drop with large tonnage

Width of machine used


Bag length


2m (6.5ft) 2 £14 2.8m (9ft) 60m
3m (10ft) 4 £24 6.1m (20ft) 150m
3.5m (12ft) 6 £36 7.6m (25ft) 150m
4.3m (14ft) 8.5 £50 8.2m (27ft) 150m

Tonnage per meter varies slightly in accordance with dry matter and type of crop etc

Price can drop with large orders, Please call for a qoute

Minimum charge of £1000

Example - 20 acres of maize wholecrop to bag - 20 x 18 tonne/acre = 380 tonne

For a 3.5m (12ft) diameter bag 380 tonne divided by 6 tonne/meter = 63 m bag, add another 20m for bagging machine and tractor/trailer, so for 20 acres of maize we will need around  a 83m long by 25ft wide site and it will cost £2,280

Larger jobs could come down in price!!


We always have at least one spare machine in our yard so we can always get the job done

We have 3 qualified engineers We have 3 qualified engineers

When we aren't out using the machines and in the winter, we strip our machines down and re-build them replacing many parts and keeping our machines in the best condition. This ensures we provide our customers with a dependable and reliable service.

Frequently asked questions

We can bag on almost any surface, Rolled hard-core site is perfect but we do most of our work in fields, we can deal with fairly soft conditions but the harder it is the easier it is to get the material out of the bags!   

What site is required?

Check out the table above, all our bags can be any size upto 150m, we can cut the bag at any length but longer the better as when we stop and start another bag it wastes around 10m of plastic

How much room is required?

More notice the better but if you book the job in through our office on 01363 82677 and give a rough date when your thinking, then when you think harvest is 1-2 weeks away, schedule the job with Doug on 07966 795 066 (then we can liaise with the harvest contractors to make your life easier)

How much notice is required?

YES our machines can keep any forager going constantly, we have got the highest throughput machines on the market and we will not keep any forager waiting

Can the baggers keep up with modern harvesters?

For us more the better, 3 trailers as a minimum (one more trailer than if you were filling a clamp is a general rule)

How many trailers do we need?


Interested in finding out how this could work for you?

Then contact us and start the conversation

You want to bag yourself on your own farm?

We sell farm baggers directly to farms for as little as £42,000