SilO2block Silage Sheet

New 7 layer silage clamp sheet with a built in oxygen barrier

As every farmer knows an air tight clamp means better feed which is why most farmers now use a vacuum film as well as the silage film or the 2 in 1 film but still it is two sheets stuck together and they can still separate when sheeting your clamp and gives you two sheets to dispose off.

Our new product is only 90 micron thick, built with 7 layers (which do not separate) with a built in oxygen barrier and a clever design of materials, it is stronger, lighter and more flexible than conventional silage film.

Save time and money with this new product!!     

Large range of sizes available

10 meters to 20 meters long

50 meters to 400 meters wide

We stock all sizes and next day delivery is available.  

Main Benefits

•Both functions in 1 film (Silage film & Vacuum film)
•Oxygen permeability 10 times lower 
•Made of 100% virgin raw materials
•Strong & flexible 
•Easy to handle & easier installation  (reduced roll weight)
•Time saving & reduced N° of manpower necessary
•1,5 year minimum UV stability
•7-layer technology (state of the art)
•Reduced transport & storage costs per m²
•100% recyclable
•Silver color refects sun light (reduced heating)
•Environmentally friendly (carbon footprint [CO2 emissions])
•Better fodder/silage quality
•Increased milk yield
•Reduced animal health costs

Silage sheet

protective covers

We also supply protective covers

220g/m² green fine mesh

Long life and reusable (up to 8 years, depending on storage & country of use)

Reduced damages (animals, birds, children)

Protective nets

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