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Contracting Services

We can AgBag for you

Maize bagging 12 diameter bag

Maize Bagging 2015

Competitive rates with a scalable service from £5.00 to £7.00 per tonne. Working closely with many other contractors across the UK to provide you an excellent and flexible service. 

 Can Bag Up To13Tonnes Per Min

 Covering the uk

 Holds upto 1275 tonne per bag

Feed Storage System

The AgBag System provides the highest quality feed storage

The AgBag System eliminates the problems of traditional storage. The exterior white layer of AgBags unique 3-ply contruction repels solar heat and keeps the bag and contents cooler.

 AgBag dry matter losses2%


 Clamp dry matter loses 20%

AgBag silage can generally support an extra 4 - 5 l/cow/day compared to clamps. Dry matter losses are much less - only 2% to 7% in AgBags compared to loses of 15% to 35% in clamps

Machine / Bag sales

We are the UK importer of Agbag / Budissa machines and bags

Grain Bagger PTO driven

Self propelled professional silage bagger

Our 30 years experience of Bagging shows it pays to use the best quality plastic!!! Which we provide with a large stock of all bag sizes

 6.5ft diameter 60m long


 14ft diameter 150m long

AgBag - more than just a feed storage system

AgBag has many more uses including:
Salt, Fertilizer storage and Composting


Composting made simple with EcoPad Technology

The EcoPod recycling solutions spells the end for unslightly, labour intensive, lengthy and odourous composting, this unique patented system dramatically cuts processing time using a low-cost contained system and forced aeration.

 EcoPod cycle time8weeks


 Traditional cycle time 12weeks

Bulk Storage

Grain / Salt / Fertilizer. No planning permission required. Zero waste from the AgBag storage system

Grain bagging