Wetland harvesting

Harvest your crops no matter what the ground conditions

We were asked by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to utilize biomass from wetlands. Our first problem was how to harvest and removed the biomass from the wetlands. After some research and our own experience we purchased and modified the machines as detailed below.

Working on nature reserves for RSPB and Natural England we found these machines make very little impact on on the substrate. 

Piston bulley

Piston Bulley harvesting reed Piston Bulley harvesting reed

We modified the 300Hp Piston Bulley to fit a Kemper 4 row maize forager. It has the capacity to harvest up to 40 acres of reed, rush or maize in a day. 

With extra wide tracks the Piston Bulley makes little impact on the ground.

Many of our trials with the RSPB were on the Somerset levels in soft peat ground and the Piston Bulley met all expectations and travelled on the wet, soft ground with no problem.



Softrac harvesting Gorse on steep ground Softrac harvesting Gorse on steep ground

With 120 Hp, the Softrak doesn't have the capacity of the Piston Bulley but it is very manoeuvrable and will go anywhere. With the double chop harvester it is great for short crops such as rush, grass, gorse etc. We also use this machine as a haulage vehicle for the Piston Bulley.


Cutting/Binding reed for thatch

The Loglogic Cutter-Binder system is a purpose built attachment for fitting to our Softrak 

Reed for thatch

Softrac cutting reed for thatch

Did you know we provide...

Harvesting Contracting service


  Cost per hour Uses Capacity
Piston Bulley £130  Reed, Maize, rush 3 acres/hour
Softrac harvester £130 Reed, Gorse, Grass 1.5 acres/hour
Long tracked dumper £100 Haulage N/A
Tracked dumper £100 Haulage N/A
Softrac dumper £100 Haulage N/A

Cost of transporting 2 machines (one lorry) to site is extra cost at £3 a mile from our Base in mid Devon.

For all jobs we would bring the Piston Bulley and the Softrac as things can go wrong when working in wetlands. If the Piston Bulley does get stuck (which can happen) we have a 16 tonne winch for the Softrac which can pull the Piston Bulley out. If the Softrac gets stuck the Piston Bulley can pull it out with ease.

For jobs of 20 acres and above we would recommend we use the Piston Bulley, Softrac and two tracked Dumpers for hauling.

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